Caller Couple



Paul, in collaboration with Karl Williscroft, founded the “Village Squares” in November, 1972. In 1974, Paul and Judy committed themselves to the life of a Square Dance Caller Couple. Paul went into training and in 1976, became the Official caller of the club… The club celebrated Paul and Judy’s 35th year as the founding couple of the club, in the fall of 2010.

In addition to the Village Squares, Paul and Judy have two other clubs under their wing.In 1980 they started “PJ’s” a Plus Club which meets every Friday Night and “Adams’ Aces”, an A1 & A2 Club, started in 1994, which meets every Monday Night. Both clubs meet at the W.E Gowling Public School 250 Anna Avenue, Ottawa. Interested dancers may contact Paul or Judy for more information at this website address: